Note: The details of SohaCoin received when doing via SMS are as follows

                                    BUY SOHACOIN THROUGH  SMS 9029
Deposit (VND)  SohaCoin Received
15.000/1 SMS11 SohaCoin
20.000/1 SMS15 SohaCoin
50.000/1 SMS37 SohaCoin
100.000/1 SMS75 SohaCoin


- Applicable to all 3 carriers.

- Limit: 100,000 VND / day


Step 1: Visit the game's Rechange page at: https://pay.sohagame.vn/3knewwar hoặc https://nap.sohagame.vn/3knewwar


Step 2: Log in, select the character to Load and select Loaded Milestones

Step 3: The interface will display the payment method -> select Load "Pay via SMS"


- Step 4: Click on the box to select the amount you want to deposit

- Then enter the phone number and select "Deposit"


- Step 5: After selecting "Topup", you will see the interface to choose to text 9029 to make transaction.

- Note: With each VietID, customers are allowed to pay maximum 1 transaction / day via the short code 9029

- (Equivalent to ~ 75%, consistent with all 3 carriers)


- Step 6: The interface will display the syntax of messaging to make transactions via SMS

- Depending on the phone network used, there will be corresponding syntax


- Step 7: From the phone, compose the message according to the displayed syntax to proceed with the transaction

- After successful transaction, there will be a confirmation message


- Step 8: Successful math transactions, enter the game to check the KNB received